What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Binary Options

Posted by on Oct 12, 2016

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Binary Options

Everything in this world is composed with yin and yang – good and bad; it may refer to attitude, circumstances, personalities, or product effects. In the world of trading investments, every offer is entitled to their own advantages as well as disadvantages as every business dealings have its goods and flaws. Click here for a full review on banc de binary. This notion of course affects binary option trading essentially. You may wonder why I emphasized the effects of yin and yang to binary options. It is because, binary option is an investment that is field with lots or risks or flaws for an investor to face, Yes, it has good offers that could make anyone persuade to try on in this endeavor, but it’s bad side is quite a drawback once you lost the bet. To elaborate things further, let us breakdown the different advantages and disadvantages of binary option.

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Simple Mechanism – Binary option Online Wealth Market is good for being a simple trading for investment since people only have to guess the right answer between two options. It is so easy that you don’t have to be an expert investor to be able to make profit through investments. In addition, the chances of winning could be 55% all the time. Yes, it’s may be low, but that rate is only for you to break even. Winning may only be just a matter of luck but don’t you think it’s high enough when you are actually guessing on just two options? If you think that your luck is high at guessing true or false, yes or no, or high or low, then you may as well try your luck in binary option. You cannot only prove your guessing ability but profit through it as well.

High Return on Investments – Now this is the cherry on top of binary option. It can offer a return that could be more than 100%. Of course it depends on your investment, but since the trading works as an all-or-nothing – where the profit that could be gained once won is $100 and nothing, once lost – it is an easy profit generation for simple people.


High Failure Rate – of course, having losing rate of at least 50% is quite disturbing for any investors, no one would wish to fully rely on trading that would only base on luck. But if you are confident enough of your fortune then, it would be best to make use of that ability and earn from it.

Flooded with Scammers – Lots of scammers are actually roaming around the binary trading industry – waiting for people to get lured in their trap. They are actually the ones you should get weary of since they have established lies everywhere in the internet, so gullible investors are in fact no good for binary option.

Since everything is field with both positivity and negativity, it would be better to weigh things before you decide on investing. Make sure that the good aspect is balance with the bad, because there are instances where the good side is way greater than the bad side, if that is the case, then immediately stay away from that offer because it might be one of those too good to be true dealings but actually just a scam.